Attendance Recording System

Multi-user advance attendance recording system and support MS SQL database. It allows you to record and track the attendance of employees. Report output is easy to understand. You can customize software according to your company policies.


  • User friendly GUI and entry module.
  • Web base attendance module for employee.
  • Client-Server architecture with backend support of MS SQL.
  • Multi company, multi location and multi department support.
  • Multiple user with multiple right assignment.
  • Flexible overtime calculation.
  • All MIS report on daily/monthly/yearly basis.
  • All MIS report with grouping, sorting and filtering option.
  • Powerful MIS reporting to complete all Account department requirements.


Daily Monthly Yearly
Arrival Attendance Monthwise Perfomance
Late Coming Present Monthwise O.T.
Absent Absent Monthwise Late
Early Going Performance Monthwise Early
Irregular Overtime Monthwise Leave Card
Overtime Late Coming Leave Encash
Summary Early Going Yearly Leave Card
Present Work Hours
Lunch Loss Of Pay
Punch Lunch Time
Single Punch Leave Info
Leave Balance Summary
Rota Muster
Punch Time
Manual Correction